Private Training

    • Trainer works one‐on‐one with you and your dog
    • The training program is designed specifically for your dog
    • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle
    • You will be provided: notes, handouts, and in‐person instruction to maintain the behaviors accomplished by the training program
    • The training will teach your dog how to behave in real life situations
    • Custom packages available
    • All training is provided at our training facility in Grand Rapids
    • In-home sessions offered on a limited, case by case basis*

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 Training Packages

 The Puppy 

A great way to get started with your puppy!  Establish manners right away and resolve unwanted puppy issues.  Develop a solid foundation for your puppy to become a well-behaved adult dog.

      • 4 sessions; each session lasting approximately one hour
      • Establish basic behaviors including but not limited to: sit, come, stay, leash walking
      • Address puppy behavior issues: nipping, mouthing, jumping, house training
      • Teach your puppy to successfully respond to all family members

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 The Basics 

Perfect for young adult dogs!  Designed to either build on the skills learned in Puppy Training or teach adult dogs a foundation for good manners.  Provides the skills for success in having a well-mannered dog.

      • 4 sessions; each session lasting approximately one hour
      • Establish basic behaviors including but not limited to:: stay, come, leash walking
      • Address problem behaviors: jumping, pulling on leash, not listening
      • Develop a successful response in real life scenarios

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 The Next Step

Going all the way!  Take skills learned in Puppy and Basic Manners training into the real world.  Use the foundation developed to set your dog on the path to participating in family outings, becoming a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog, and enjoying stress free living with your dog.

      • 4, 6 or 8 sessions; each session lasting approximately one hour
      • Refine basic behaviors including but not limited to: stay, come, leash walking
      • Improve response in high distractions
      • “Field trips” to establish successful behavior in public venues

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Reactivity Training

Reactive behaviors include but are not limited to:
* Pulling
* Lunging
* Barking and/or growling
Or a combination of these behaviors

Aggression is only one form of reactivity. Reactivity also includes being overstimulated by or fearful of:

* Other dogs
* Unfamiliar people/children
* Prey animals including squirrels, chipmunks and even cats!
* Runners, bicyclists, pedestrians
* Any people, items/things appearing suddenly
* Unfamiliar things/items

Having reactivity issues specifically while on-leash or on walks is very common. Many dogs are not reactive when at home and/or off leash, but have reactivity behaviors when on leash, away from home or on walks.

We have a specialized programs to help you and your dog address Reactive behavior. Our programs are tailored to meet your dog’s needs; we will work at your dog’s pace for learning to overcome this emotional and challenging behavior problem.

Our training program will:

* Teach you and your dog a new way to handle walks
* Eliminate unwanted behaviors including lunging, barking, growling at other dogs/people
* Improve your dog’s response to other dogs/people/unfamiliar situations

Our program provides the unique opportunity to work with a well-trained dog to address the needs of dogs that are dog/dog reactive. Our dogs assist in the learning process; helping your dog understand another dog is not a threat and can provide a calm, neutral experience.

The number of openings are limited!

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Private training sessions offer an unlimited ability to assist you and your dog(s) with any and every issue! If you did not see your concern listed in the other tabs, below are some other issues often presented as concerns by our clients. This is not a comprehensive list; so please contact us with any questions and issues you are having with your canine companion! Custom training packages are available!!!

Multi-Dog Household Issues

Pulling on Leash

Coming When Called

Simply NOT Listening!

Jumping Up

Rude Greeting Behaviors


 Custom Packages

We will design a package of sessions specific to the training needs of you and your dog! If the above packages do not fit your needs, our trainer will customize sessions to address and resolve any issues you are having with your dog!

      • 4 sessions minimum; each session lasting approximately one hour
      • Successfully resolve problem behaviors providing realistic solutions
      • Provide long term resolution to behavior issues including but not limited to: barking, pulling on leash, not coming when called and other problem behaviors
      • Develop a successful response in real life scenarios

*Please note: additional fees may apply to packages for aggression and/or reactivity cases as these are specialized behaviors issues that may require use of additional team members and resources.

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 # of SessionsPrice
Single Session1$75
Puppy/Basic/Next Step4$280

*Additional fees apply for:

– Travel for in home private sessions.
–  Reactivity and aggression training.
–  Multiple dogs per family/household.